Frequently Asked Questions

I know I need a website and don't know where to start. I don't want to be committed to a web-designer and end up not getting what I want. You can be confident that you will know what you are getting for your money before you commit. I will tailor the package to your needs, and allow you overall control over things such as hosting and paying for advertising on search engines. I will create prototype designs and get your feedback on them. You can be sure that you don't have to commit to something you are not happy with.

I am not sure who would use the website? How do I reach customers through the website? I will help you clarify your issues with regard to using a website to generate more business. Often the main way in which potential customers will find your website is by getting your address from other advertising material such as brochures. This gives them a chance to get more information about you than your printed material can give them, and also gives you another opportunity to impress them. Another way that customers might find you is through a search engine. To come high up on the ratings of search engines is getting increasingly difficult and optimising your website is the first step. The second step is to register your site with search engines. Paying for advertising is another option.

I have considered creating my own website, as it will be cheaper, and at least I have control of the process. Also I know what I want, and won't have to go through the process of explaining it to someone else. Why do I need a webdesigner? It is certainly possible for anyone to create a website for themselves, and many people do this. In deciding whether to go down this route you would be advised to think about how much time you can give to this project and whether it will be taking away from the time you invest in running your business. Designing your own website will certainly be a time-consuming exercise. Another consideration is the synergy that occurs when two people bring their creative ideas together. In my experience, this brings results that couldn't have been dreamt up by one person on their own.