What it costs

Having recognised that small businesses often have a limited advertising budget I aim to create individually designed websites at a reasonable cost.

A simple site consisting of a page or two can cost as little as 150 although most clients will require something a bit more sophisticated. I aim to create simple effective websites for around 500. The pricing for more complex sites, e.g. those including e-commerce facilities, or complex animations or interactions, would start from around 1000. I am happy to give a free quotation and to agree a fixed fee before work starts.

To achieve the best solution for each client I look at visual design, content design, usability, and maintainablity. I use a consultation document which helps gather the information needed to produce a project specification which will form the basis of the design, and allow me to estimate the cost. If you would like a quote then contact me via email in the first instance [email me now] , and I will send you the consultation document or phone you for a chat.