Website design portfolio

Wendy Smith
Contemporary Artist

Website for a contemporary artist The brief was to design a website that showcased wendys artworks, which are mainly line drawings in pen and ink, as well as gouache, and glass. It was important not to deflect from the subtlety of the drawings by the design.

Hidden Space
Dance and Yoga Studio

Website for a Yoga Centre. The brief was to provide information on classes and workshops, as well as the space for hire. It was important to give a feel for the space, which has a small garden and natural light, so the site has a lot of photography in the background and on the pages.

Peckham Experiment
Health Charity

Website for the Pioneer Health Foundation, a charitable organisation promoting the findings of the Peckham Experiment, which was a study in the nature of health set up in the 1920's to 30's.

Yoga website

Website for a yoga teacher. The aim was to create a simple yet visually interesting website, which gives a feel for the type of tuition offered and environment this yoga teacher creates.

Yoga & complementary therapies

Yoga and complementary therapies website. Promoting two separate but related strands of this client work.

Promotional website

The Tree Affirmation website is a promotional site to publicise a pack of affirmation cards created around trees. Initially it is being used for market research purposes. The cards can be viewed and readings are available online (eg a card is picked at random). After the cards have been developed the site will be used to sell the cards and possibly other related products.

Complementary Therapies website

Complementary Therapies website for practitioner specialising in Transformational Breathwork. The brief was to create a simple well-laid out site which reflected the therapies offered and the peaceful environment created by the practitioner in her clinics.

Street Talk
Charity Website

Website for a charity which offers counselling and help to women working as street prostitutes to enable them to move on from their current situation.

Field Psychology
Company Website

Website for a company which offers psychometric testing to organisations in the public sector.

Ben Nash
Street Dance

Website for a dance teacher who specialises in Street Dance and Hip Hop. The site was designed to inform potential students of ongoing classes, and to act as a portfolio for the client to expand his classes in schools.

Ecommerce website

This website is a prototype for a E-commerce website designed to sell organic and natural cosmetics online.

Promotional website

This website is an example of a larger site with a lot of content. A lot of information being presented and the challenge was to make clear what was available and make the site easy to navigate. This was done with several menu sections and subsections for content.

Charity website

The Everyman Project reaches out to men who have a problem with violent and abusive behaviour. It was important that a number of different users could find their way around the information quickly and easily, therefore the design was kept simple.

It has proved to be a valuable tool in informing more people about the issues surrounding domestic violence.

Lifecoaching website

Promotional website for Karen Skehel Life Coaching. Soon after the launch of this website Karen was attracting an average of one new client per week via the website.

Music Portfolio

Music portfolio designed as a promotional website for a music production company (Strawberry Emu). It was important to reflect the nature of the business and project the image of the company, so the visual design was emphasised.

Photography portfolio

Photography portfolio designed to display photographs in a coherent way. It was felt that the most important thing was to display the photographs well by keeping the display area at an optimum size and at the same time allowing the navigational aspects to be present throughout. The aim was to encourage the viewer to browse the portfolio. So it was important for them to know where they had been and what was available at a glance.

Multimedia Portfolio

Multimedia portfolio designed to act as an online CV and portfolio for myself. The menus have been designed with Flash to allow a more complicated interaction and subtle animation. The main body of the website has been written in html and Javascript to allow the content to be easily updated.